Trusted Cremation™ Provider Network is an international directory of cremation providers, some who have achieved the funeral industry’s highest designation as a Nationally Accredited Cremation Provider.  The accreditation standards have been duly developed and recognized by the National Cremation Research Council™ which seeks to advance the quality and performance of those providing cremation services to the general public and fellow professionals.

Trusted Cremation Guarantee

National Accreditation is important because it provides a means to benchmark current processes and identifies opportunities for improvement designed to raise the national standard.  Accreditation challenges all cremation providers to improve the services they offer the cremation consumer and bring honor the profession as a whole.

To maintain accreditation, cremation providers must adhere to the strictest of standards, by affirmation and pledge, to abide by the ethical code encompassed in the Declaration of Professional Responsibility set forth by the Trusted Cremation Provider Network and the National Cremation Research Council.

The accreditation process is included in the Premium and Multi-Site Membership levels below: