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The history of the caring for one’s dead is as old as civilization itself. With every life, there has been a death and a common thread of honor and care for the life lived. Throughout the centuries and in every society, there has been a person or group that was responsible for the care of deceased, their ritual and ceremony. Today, we are unified as death care providers, and are bound by our personal and professional commitments to care for the deceased in a manner that is dignified and just. Since cremation has become a popular a method of disposition, our profession must reaffirm its commitment to the strictest of standards and care for the deceased and the survivors.


We, the professional caretakers of society’s dead, make these promises and commitments: Commitment to the Profession & Public Trust

  1. Commitment to highest standard of care
  2. Commitment to the death care profession and maintaining public trust
  3. Respect for the life and dignity of every individual
  4. Obey all Local, State, and Federal Laws related to the profession

Commitment to the Deceased and their Survivors

  1. Care, competence, and compassion without prejudice
  2. Protect the privacy and confidentiality of those for whom we care for and their survivors

Commitment to Positive Identification

  1. Unique tracking system in place using cremation sustainable materials
  2. Identification placed on the deceased
  3. Fingerprint identification obtained
  4. Photograph obtained of the deceased
  5. Positive identification by the survivors prior to cremation

Commitment to Trusted Cremation Standards

  1. Cremation authorization obtained
  2. Certified Cremation Technician
  3. Crematory log book
  4. Verification of the decedent’s identification
  5. Dignity during cremation
  6. Verification after cremation
  7. Dignified placement of the cremated remains in the selected urn or vessel
  8. Return of the cremated remains with identification attached
  9. Certificate of cremation
  10. Celebration of life

We make these promises and commitments, solemnly freely, and upon our personal and professional honor, so help me God.